About Poor Richard’s Son

Jeffery Massey, Sr. (1955-Present) An author who also writes under the pseudonym of “Poor Richard’s Son.” He is a native of Chicago & Viet Nam Era U.S. Air Force veteran. Massey, a graduate of Dayton, Ohio’s Wright State University with a 2000 bachelor of arts degree in English-professional writing, is the author of the cross-genre, Sci-Fi speculative fiction novella “COLD BABY: As If Through A Glass and Darkly” written in the tradition of Raymond Chandler & Dashiell. Hammett’s Noir-driven, Hard-Boiled “Black Mask” writers. He is also a playwright who has authored the contemporary work “The Return of the Prodigal Child.”


2 Responses to About Poor Richard’s Son

  1. Jeff Massey says:

    Jeffery Massey Amazon.com Author Central Page


  2. jmasseysr says:

    Jeffery Massey
    True/False?: I find today’s publishing environment ever more restrictive and not conducive to new authors & fresh works of un-solicited fiction submissions.


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