Writing Tips: Character Profiles

Shannon A Thompson

Lots of announcements today before I share my thoughts on creating character profiles:

ShannonAThompson.com hit 17,000 followers! This is truly amazing, and I cannot believe that we’re continuing to grow. I started this little blog without any expectations, but if I had started it with expectations – I’m positive you have surpassed even my wildest dreams. Thank you for your continued support!

Other than that, I partook in an interview with Lit Chic. You can read what I think the hardest part about writing is, but I also have a shout out for all of my readers 😀 So click here to read the entire interview.

And if you are just now checking in and you’re curious about The Timely Death Trilogy, you’re in luck:

Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst reviewed Seconds Before Sunrise (book 2) – Mindy says, “If you are a Young Adult fan and love a…

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Ohio: Another Charter School Closing

Ohio: Another Charter School Closing.

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Ohio: Another Charter School Closing

corporate ethics prevailing once more…..SAD…

Diane Ravitch's blog

From Bill Phillis of the Ohio Adequacy and Equity Coalition:

Another charter school will close down: corruption, ethics, nepotism and poor performance, at issue.

The superintendent of the VLT Academy, a charter school of 600 some students, was making $140,000 per year; her daughter was making $92,000 per year for data entry; and her husband was making $62,000 in addition to running his company that performs the charter’s janitorial services, under a highest bid contract, for $323,000 per year. The family was receiving nearly $1,000 per student for central office duties and cleaning.

The board of this VLT Academy charter school recently voted to start closing procedures. The operator (family) is shopping for another sponsor. The current charter school sponsor is dropping authorization for VLT Academy.

This charter school, in six years of operation, has been rated academic emergency, two years; academic watch, three years; and continuous improvement, one year.

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Mike Rose Has Six Questions for Arne Duncan about Teacher Education

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Secretary Arne Duncan recently announced his plan to judge teacher education programs by their “results,” including the test scores of the students taught by their graduates. If the Ed Schools can’t produce teachers who can raise test scores, Duncan said, they should go out of business. Spoken like a true businessman.

Mike Rose, celebrated author and professor emeritus at UCLA, has six questions for Arne.

He writes:

Six Questions for Secretary Duncan

1. Will you be evaluating with the same metrics all teacher preparation programs, alternative as well as traditional, Teach for America as well as California State University at Northridge or UCLA?

2. If the Department of Education will use close to $100 million per year on grants to forward its agenda, where will that money come from? From other educational programs that serve needy populations? If so, what services or funding will be cut or discontinued because of…

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Arizona Veterans Hospital Scandal



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Educational Research proposal prototype


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Kickstarter Project #1

‘COLD BABY’ Graphic Novella prototype funding

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